i just ate half a pizza and 6 breadsticks

look at this qt


White people remind me of those serial killers you see on TV that kill a bunch of people & keep an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry that belonged to the people they killed to wear for “fun”.


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September 01 2014


My best friends bathroom lighting sucks but I looked SO GOOD last night.

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September 01 2014


There’s no reason to tailgate someone in the slow lane, especially when I’m going 35 over the speed limit.

And those flashing lights on top of your car look ridiculous.

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September 01 2014


I have always wanted to draw all three of them together.

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September 01 2014

Haru and Sousuke Parallels + ep. 9 | Unattainable Dreams 

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September 01 2014
September 01 2014


Art by Akumu Kurai

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"The custody of Annie Leonhardt was granted to the Survey Corps, who kept her deep underground. However, it would still take much time and sacrifice before humanity learned what it was that held them captive…" Shingeki no Kyojin, Final Episode

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September 01 2014